Subject: Re: Can't eject tape from a tlz06
To: Pierre BERGDOLT <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/02/1999 08:19:51
"Michael L. Hitch" wrote:

> On Wed, 1 Sep 1999, Pierre BERGDOLT wrote:
> > At then end of the daily backup script I have the following command:
> > mt -f /dev/nrtm1 rewoffl
> > 
> > rmt1 is the device associated with a DEC TLZ06. This command
> > deseperately doesn't eject the tape form the TLZ06. Does anyone know
> > why?
>   Because the tape driver doesn't distinguish between rewind and
> rewind-offline?

It does -- as of yesterday :-)

If you can't upgrade to -current, I'll make a small patch available.  It
really wasn't that much work...

I'm also looking at the sizes of blocks written to the tape.  I think
I've got my TKZ09 (Exabyte 8500) writing variable blocks size - I'm just
testing it now.  I suspect that your TLZ06 is only writing 512 byte
blocks - an Ultrix cam_data.c says that it's capable of variable block
sizes.  When your machine boots, does your tape drive probe as

	tz0 at asc0 drive 5 slave 0 DEC TLZ06     (C)DEC rev 491A

or similar (ignoring the revision - I guessed the above from an Ultrix
boot message)?