Subject: Re: MOP booting Decstation 3100 from VMS cluster server?
To: Geoff Roberts <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/18/1999 16:30:28
"Geoff Roberts" wrote:

> the bootpvend parameter winds up set to a string of garbage characters.
> after each bootp attempt, however it gets the inetaddress and sinetaddress
> correct from the bootp server.
> What is the bootpvend parameter supposed to end up as anyway?  The name of
> the boot file?

After a successful boot, it's not there.  If I interrupt a boot with ^C, it's
not set to anything:

   >> printenv
	[[ cut ]]
	[[ cut ]]

There's no trailing spaces after the = either.

> I'm getting the impression the bootfile name is getting mangled somehow.

Does VMS have the equivalent of a tcpdump or any other network
monitoring tool?

> I'm open to suggestions.  So far the RZ23 sounds promising....;^)

Seems that way.  We'll give it another day or two and see if we can
get anywhere netbooting first.  Another option is to send a query
to and see if anyone there knows about the VMS
bootp/tftp setup (maybe check the VAX web pages on www.NetBSD.ORG

Say, you don't have any Win95-type peecee's on the network?  Mauricio
Tavares successfully loaded a kernel recently from a win95 box.