Subject: Re: Help With PROM V5.7j
To: Simon Burge <>
From: Benjamin Stocks <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/15/1999 16:19:11
Simon Burge wrote:
> Benjamin Stocks wrote:
> > Hi all, I have a DEC 5000/125 with PROM revision 5.7j. According to the
> > docs I found on the netbsd site, TFTP booting is not working with this
> > PROM. Has anyone gotten NetBSD to boot on this system/PROM? Any help
> > would be greatly appreciated.
> I'd try to boot the smallnet.ecoff kernel to see if that works.  If
> you've got any Ultrix systems around you can also boot via MOP instead
> of TFTP.  I'm guessing you're trying to do a network install, and can't
> use another system with SCSI disks as a helper system?
> Simon.

I'll try the smallnet.ecoff this afternoon. We do have 2 of these
systems, both with the same PROM revision, and both have Ultrix on them
at the moment where can I find HOWTOs on doing a MOP install? Most of
what I find is on TFTP. Also, by using a helper system do you mean using
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