Subject: 5000/200 onboard ethernet fails selfcheck
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/13/1999 21:20:35

I have a 5000/200 which fails passing the poweron self test:

KN02-AA V5.3t   
?TFL: 0/curs (4, exp=70 act=65) PMAG-BA
?TFL: 0/ptrn (2, exp=98, act=90) PMAG-BA
?TFL: 6/int-lb [PMAD-AA] (7: CRC=0x22e8a212, xpctd=0x261d722f)

This is the output of cnfg:
 7: KN02-AA  DEC      V5.3t    TCF0  (0220cpu with  24 MB memory)
 6: PMAD-AA  DEC      V5.3a    TCF0  (enet: 08-00-2b-1a-a0-4e)
 5: PMAZ-AA  DEC      V5.3d    TCF0  (SCSI = 7)
 1: PMAD-AA  DEC      V5.3a    TCF0  (enet: 08-00-2b-1a-81-e0)
 0: PMAG-BA  DEC      V5.3a    TCF0  (CX -- d=8)

(note I have no mouse/keyboard/screen)
The failing poweron self test prevents the boot process despite the
fact that I don't need this interface (I use the additional TC ethernet
card in slot 1).
Are there any settings on the PROM  or other things I could use to
make this machine boot automatically after poweron?