Subject: DECsystem 5500 (was Re: system 5900)
To: emanuel stiebler <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/13/1999 15:40:56
"emanuel stiebler" wrote:

> Hi all,
> anybody use here on of these ?

> which numbers have the CPU, MEMORY, xxx boards ?
> (like a M7635, ...)

For a 5500, we have the following bits'n'pieces:

	CPU		M7637 (part 50-19845-01)
	I/O board	M7638 (part 50-20145-01)
	Memory board	M7639 (part 50-20152-01)
	KZQSA		M5976 (part 50-20359-01)
	CXY08		M3119 (part 50-18096-01)
	??? board	M9715
	Chassis		220QH-D9

The KZQSA is a extra SCSI controller, and the CXY08 is an 8-port serial
board.  The "??? board" has a bunch of resistors and not much else on
it - I'd guess it's a discrete (!) SCSI or DSSI terminator.  The same
memory board is used for both 32MB and 64MB boards - for the 32MB board
the front half is pretty much emtpy.

> P.S. trying to get one, but don't know, what i'm looking for ;-)

You appear to be looking for an inefficient space heater :-)