Subject: Re: 5000/240 netboot question
To: Dave McGuire <>
From: Douglas S. Meade <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/12/1999 16:23:56
Yeah Dave!

I've got three 240's running here in a production environment.  One has 6 
RZ57's hanging off it(!), and it runs smoothly.  One is a web server, and
other two are serving up NFS and Samba file space.

I went down to Terrapin Traders the other day to look for two more I
had passed by last week, but alas, they were gone.


On Wed, 11 Aug 1999, Dave McGuire wrote:

>   Yep, that was it.  I enabled SQE and it's working fine.  I hadn't even
> thought to check it.  Thanks folks!
>   Oh, and...let me say...NetBSD/pmax on a 5000/240 is impressively zippy!
>                   -Dave McGuire