Subject: Re: newbi having problems netbooting a 3100
To: Richard van den Berg <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/09/1999 23:33:18
Richard van den Berg wrote:

> On 8 Aug 1999, Phife wrote:
> > I got a 3100 that I'm trying to netboot. I am pretty sure that its ethernet 
> > works, because my friend tested it about two weeks ago, and successfully 
> > connected to his server, although that machine was not configured to boot the 
> > 3100 and hence, didn't. My machine on the other hand, is set up to boot the 
> > 3100, however, I am not making any connection whatsoever. E.g.:

Does a tcpdump on the server show anything?  If you're getting nothing
at all, I'd suspect the network.  The 3100 has both a BNC and a AUI
connector, and these are selected by a little switch between the two
connectors - you could try pressing that switch and see if it makes a
difference (I think a green LED turns off in one position).

> > >> boot -f tftp()smallnet.ecoff
> boot -f tftp(0,6)/full_path_to_image/smallnet.ecoff

FWIW, I just use

	boot -f tftp()

on my 3100, and I've got


in the bootptab (basil is the hostname).  The full path to that file is
/tftpboot/netbsd/basil and tftp runs with the following command line:

	tftpd -r /tftpboot