Subject: newbi having problems netbooting a 3100
To: None <>
From: Phife <aca3@MIT.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/08/1999 15:04:50
I got a 3100 that I'm trying to netboot. I am pretty sure that its ethernet 
works, because my friend tested it about two weeks ago, and successfully 
connected to his server, although that machine was not configured to boot the 
3100 and hence, didn't. My machine on the other hand, is set up to boot the 
3100, however, I am not making any connection whatsoever. E.g.:

>> boot -f tftp()


>> boot -f tftp()smallnet.ecoff

etc. No command line has produced anything but a blinking cursor. I'm kinda 
new to this. What's going on?