Subject: Re: Got 5000/200 Woo hoo!
To: David Evans <>
From: Simon Burge <simonb@NetBSD.ORG>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/06/1999 09:25:12
David Evans wrote:

> > As far as graphics, I guess you could use the 3100 as a diskless X
> > terminal, and hide the 5000/200 (plus disks) away in a corner somewhere.
> > This is the exact setup I had a home (except I had a /240) for a couple
> > of years.
> > 
>   I may do that--I'll see.  I'd likely stick a small disk in the 3100 to
> allow it to page and stuff, though.

We've happily had about two-dozen 3100's with 12MB of RAM running
completely diskless for years here.  Those were all Ultrix machines, but
with NetBSD's smaller kernel I'd suspect things couldn't be worse and
should be better.  The argument against a swap disk was less noise close
to where you're working...