Subject: Re: Install Problems
To: Wolfy the Great <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/05/1999 14:40:13
In message <1195443.3142862422@[]>,
Wolfy writes:
>	I finally succeeded to get my DECstation 5000/125 to boot the small ker
>over TFTP/BootP, and sysinst starts up fine over NFS. However, when
>installing after I get past disklabel and newfs, the installer fail during
>pax with this message: 
>pax: File /tmp/.nfsA005c4.4 was modified during copy to
>	Do I have something configured wrong, perhaps? It's a really silly thin
>for the installer to fail on but I can't get past it. Any help would be
>	Much thanks


This one is our fault, not yours.  pax is opening a temporary file to
keep track of state whilst it does its thing, but the attempt to copy
everything to your local disk clobbers it.

I thought Simon had fixed it for 1.4, but maybe it's 1.4.1.  At this
point, installing the 1.4.1 snapshot is the best thing anyway.  If you
don't want to do that, workarounds are to unpack the sets by hand now
that you've labelled and newfs'ed the target disk; or (alternatively)
try mounting an mfs /tmp. (I think the small kernel for machines with
buggy TFTP proms doesn't have mfs, though, so that may not work for you).

Oh. Can you confirm this is with 1.4, not the 1.4.1 snapshot?