Subject: Re:gv menu problems
To: None <>
From: Bob Lantz <lantz@Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/05/1999 13:43:26
On Thu, 5 Aug 1999, Bernhard H. Buckel wrote:

> As a first shot, I'd recommend to check the libraries on which gv
> depends. Here:

The libraries are fine - I don't think that is the problem. There seems to
be some strange mode that the server gets into where athena menus don't
work. By "don't work" I mean that they pop up but you can't select any
options. It doesn't matter if the client is local or remote - the same
behavior occurs. Oddly enough, when I logged out and back in, it
mysteriously recovered. 

> The important thing is Xaw3d which might be missing on your
> machine. The package system should have taken care of this, though.

Something weird is going on that occasionally prevents athena menus from
working. It isn't Xaw3d-specific - I tried other athena clients like xman
and they exhibit the same bad menu behavior.

> IMHO the server is rock solid, I haven't found any flaws so far...

I think X works reasonably well. I wish it had fast scrolling like the
old Ultrix X server. I also am still observing the keyboard 'bounce'
problem when I go back into console mode after starting X - probably
a keyboard or serial driver problem - other folks have observed this
as well.