Subject: Slow telnetd response, strange behavior of "w" in 1.4
To: Pmax Netbsd Mailing List <>
From: Douglas S. Meade <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/01/1999 00:08:07
The first time I installed 1.4 on one of my Decstation 240's, 
I noticed that the system was taking a long time to respond to 
telnetting in,  sometimes as long as 5 minutes!  Since I didn't
use that machine a lot, I didn't think about it too much more,
but figured I hand't configured something correctly.  Tonight,
I installed 1.4 on two more machines, and I notice the same 
problems with both of them.  On both machines, I was running 
1.3.3 before, and telnetting in was snappy and sure.  I upgraded
them by dd'ing a diskimage to a clean disk, and booting that disk
and running sysinst.  Then edited the standard files: rc.conf, 
ifconfig.le0, hosts, resolv.conf, fstab, and set up a few users.
I also notice on all of these installations that running the "w"
command stops with listing the user logged in at the serial console,
and then hangs.  Has anybody seen this, is it a new bug, or have I 
likely forgotten something in my installation procedures?