Subject: Re: X for PMAG-CA?
To: Andy Doran <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/29/1999 10:49:44
Andy Doran wrote:

> Maybe we can ship Xpxpmax as unsupported too?

Sounds ok to me.

> > > (They depend on rather extensive retructuring of the rcons blitting
> > > code, and those missed the 1.4 cutoff deadline).
> > I'll plan on doing this.  Please yell and jump if I don't include a
> > -current GENERIC kernel in installation/misc.  Hmm, do we want an
> > install kernel that understands the PMAG-C?  That could start to get
> > messy.
> Hmm. An INSTALL kernel would be nice, no? Do we want -current, or patched
> 1.4 kernels?

I was thinking -current kernels - how much work would it be to
back-patch everything to 1.4?  You'd still be able to install by
netbooting off an NFS root filesystem.  I'll have a look at how
much work it is to build a proper install kernel.