Subject: New 1.4 ALPHA snapshot available.
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Simon Burge <simonb@NetBSD.ORG>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/18/1999 01:36:58

There's a new 1.4_ALPHA snapshot available on  This will
be the last 1.4_ALPHA snapshot - a 1.4_BETA snapshot should be available
early next week.

The directory layout has changed a little to be more inline with that
documented in release(7).  The biggest change is that there are a lot
less kernels shipped now - I think the only required kernels are the
install and nfsnetbsd kernels.  If you need any other kernels to help
with an install, please let me know ASAP!  A normal operating kernel
is in binary/sets/kern.tgz, and will be unpacked by sysinst during an

In a nutshell (and in rough order of ease-of-use):

 + If you are upgrading an existing system, you can install the
   new two stage bootblocks (if you haven't already done so) from
   .../installation/misc/bootblocks.tgz and then boot the kernel in
   binary/kernel/install.gz.  You do not need to gunzip the kernel
   with the two stage bootblocks.

 + If you are installing a new system on a system that can TFTP boot
   large kernels (ie, most machines), you can netboot the kernel in
   binary/kernel/install.gz (after gunzip'ing it).

 + If you can dd to the start of a disk (either to another disk on your
   DECstation or a helper system with SCSI disks), you can gunzip and dd
   installation/diskimage/diskimage.gz onto the start of a disk and boot
   directly of that disk.

 + If you are installing a new system on a system that can't TFTP boot
   large kernels, you will have to set up an NFS root filesystem with
   the contents of installation/netboot/diskimage.tgz and netboot the
   kernel in binary/kernel/nfsnetbsd.gz (after gunzip'ing it).

Note that the X sets are not updated, but nothing significant has
changed in them.

As always, and feedback will be greatly appreciated.