Subject: Re: getting 1.4_ALPHA to run on a 5000/200
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/17/1999 09:06:08
Pedro, I'm really really sorry to hear it's been this painful for you.

I'm building another snapshot right now - it should be finished in a few
hours, and I'll upload it in about 12 hours (got a Aussie Rules football
match to go to, so the upload can wait :-). If you could wait until then
that would be nice.  I'll post a message to the list when it's readdy.

When it is ready can you try the following (but these instructions
should also work with what's there now):

 + Fetch netbsd.ecoff.gz from in the directory
 + Netboot that kernel.
 + Do the sysinst thang.
 + Reboot to single user mode.
 + Edit /etc/rc.conf and friends.
 + Should be ok!

If it's not that simple, then there's something seriously wrong.  That
said, the documentation is the next thing on my list to attack.  I've
already started this, but if you've got _any_ suggestions at all, please
let me know!

Now for your current problems:

 + The "bad system call" thing appears to be a 1.3.3 kernel running with
   your 1.4A system.  In every case, your kernel should be running the
   same or later version as the user-land component.

 + The mount problems sound like you still have an install diskimage
   partition table at the start of the disk.  If you just type
   "disklabel rz<SCSID>", the `c' partition should be the same size as

	rz0: 116MB, 1523 cyl, 4 head, 39 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 237588 sectors

   message shown when your system boot.  The diskimages use "special
   magic" for the partition table, but the kernel _should_ know how to
   deal with it...