Subject: Support for default kernel names done.
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/12/1999 15:45:51

A week or so I ago I talked about adding support for default kernel
names to search for in the bootblocks if there was no kernel name
specified.  Well, in a fit of boredom I hacked something up.

The list of names tried is:

	"netbsd",	"netbsd.gz",
	"netbsd.bak",	"netbsd.bak.gz",
	"netbsd.old",	"netbsd.old.gz",
	"onetbsd",	"onetbsd.gz",
	"gennetbsd",	"gennetbsd.gz",

If you use "netbsd" as your kernel name, you can now have your boot or
bootpath PROM environment variable set to either "rz(0,X,0)" (or "rz()"
if you use SCSI-ID 0) on a 2100/3100 or "3/rzX" on 5000 series machines.

I don't think this will make it into 1.4 - it's probably too late
for "cosmetic" fixes, but I can make these bootblocks availble on in the meantime if anyone wants to use them.