Subject: Re: Can NetBSD/Pmax do color console?
To: Douglas S. Meade <>
From: Andy Doran <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/09/1999 19:54:32
> My question is, can NetBSD do color in the text console, and if so,
> which TERM setting should I choose?  I've played around with a couple,
> but so far, I'm still getting only black and white.  I've been 
> somewhat successful in running these programs while telnetting in,
> using TERM linux, but I'd like to try to get them running on the 
> console.

In short, sort of. Most of the other ports use 'wscons', a console that
can do color. Currently NetBSD/pmax uses 'rcons'. I have development code
that may work with your board. You can download a GENERIC kernel at:

You'll also need the 'dot.termcap' file; copy this into your home
directory to a file named '.termcap'. Set TERM=cfb. Please let me know how
this goes for you (I have a few ideas what might go wrong).