Subject: Re: PMAG-CA - kernel?
To: None <>
From: Pedro G. Gonnet <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/09/1999 16:05:05
> Test kernels in ELF, aout and ECOFF formats should be up at:
> You may need to strip these to get them to boot with old bootblocks. I
> make no guarantees - I've just recovered from a crashed disk and compiled
> this. One boot later it seems to work. These should almost certianly work
> with the PMAG-CA and PMAG-DA, and *possibly* the other boards. 
> Let me know how you get on. Enjoy,
> -ad

allright! thanks a million!

the "netbsd.ecoff" kernel boots fine off the net, so i got my machine running. i
did a sysinst and loaded the system, copied the "netbsd.ecoff"-kernel to "/"but
when i wanted to reboot the kernel, i got an error something like:

	5/rz0/netbsd.ecoff: bad magic 60162
	Can't boot '5/rz0/netbsd.ecoff'

i tried booting the "netbsd" kernel, but it didn't recognize the PMAG-CA.
any idea what it could be? no stress, though, for now i can boot it of le0.

thanks again