Subject: RE: How to classify PMAGB-B cards?
To: 'Ulrich Teichert' <>
From: Josef Watzko <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/06/1999 08:03:28
        HX graphics options:

        OPTIONS         RESOLUTION              JUMPER          CLOCK

        PMAGB-BA/BB     1280X1024   72Hz        off             130. mhz
                        1280X1024   66Hz        on              119. mhz

        PMAGB-BC/BD     1280X1024   72Hz        off             130. mhz
                        1024x864    60Hz        on              74.  mhz

        PMAGB-BE/BF     1280X1024   72Hz        off             130. mhz
                        1024x768    72Hz        on              130. mhz

        NOTE:  To determine the actual HX graphics option installed in a
        system, you must physically look at the clock chips on the option
        card. All modules will have a 54-21143-0x part number. The variant
        determines the type of option card. In all cases I have not
        found a variant on the boards.

Josef Watzko