Subject: Re: How to classify PMAGB-B cards?
To: None <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/06/1999 10:16:35

> I know that there are many different PMAGB-B cards for DECStations
> (from the fine http-sites looks after, thanks ;-),
> but how to distinguish between them?
> In my 5000/25 is one which only has the PMAGB-B outside. On it are
> two clock chips: 119.842 MHZ and 130.803 MHZ, one BT459KPF135 Ramdac
> and RAM chips on one TurboChannel card. I don't have any manuals
> despite the various bits I found on the net.

It looks the same at my hand.  PMAGB-B has reportedly many variants.
Old Mach source code says;

         * I am confused here by the documentation.  One document
         * sez there are three boards:
         *      "PMAGB-BA" can do 1280x1024 @66Hz or @72Hz
         *      "PMAGB-BC" can do 1024x864  @60Hz or 1280x1024 @72Hz
         *      "PMAGB-BE" can do 1024x768  @72Hz or 1280x1024 @72Hz
         * Another document sez things differently:
         *      "PMAGB-BB" can do 1024x768  @72Hz
         *      "PMAGB-BD" can do 1024x864  @60Hz or 1280x1024 @72Hz
         * I would be inclined to believe the first one, which came
         * with an actual piece of hardware attached (a PMAGB-BA).
         * But I could swear I got a first board (which blew up
         * instantly) and it was calling itself PMAGB-BB...
         * Since I have not seen any other hardware I will make
         * this code as hypothetical as I can.  Should work :-))

> Does anybody know what model I have?

It should not make matter for NetBSD/pmax.  All of parameters can
retrieved from the TURBOchannel device, and video driver distinguishs

> BTW: has anybody a LK501 keyboard and matching mouse (VSXXX-BB)
> which he wants to get rid of ;-?

I think I have.  I will go back to a storage and look for the one
which should be got rid of 2 years ago.

Tohru Nishimura
Nara Institute of Science and Technology