Subject: Re: 1.4_ALPHA coming soon
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/05/1999 11:15:10
Jonathan Stone wrote:

> Simon Burge  writes:
> >I'm running 1.4 ALPHA binaries now.  The only problem I know of at the
> >moment is that sysinst doesn't seem to work.
> >
> >I'll upload the current binaries today so people can upgrade existing
> >systems.
> I'm running 1.4_ALPHA binaries too, I'm just rebuilding the world with
> them before uploading. I'm also running with the fix for the
> reclaim_pool kernel bug; that seemed to bite one of my machines, so
> its probably worth waiting for that before uploading kernels.

I've put the binaries in pub/NetBSD/arch/pmax/snapshot/1.4_ALPHA-1999-04-05
on, but with the pre-reclaim_pool kernels.  These binaries
have rebuilt themselves.  I haven't rebuilt the X sets yet - I'll probably
get that done today sometime.

Jonathan - can you update the kernels both in binary/kernel and
binary/sets/kern.tgz with the fixed ones?  That'll teach me for using a
96MB machine for testing :-)

A note to all testers - to use DDB symbols on ELF machines, and to boot
ELF kernels, you'll need to install new bootblocks first.  Instructions
go something like this:

	# tar xvpfz /path/to/snapshot/installation/misc/bootblocks.tgz
	# disklabel -B rzX

where X is your boot disk SCSI ID.  These are the bootblocks that can
boot a.out, ECOFF and ELF kernels, and read symbols on a.out and ELF