Subject: Re: logos
To: Aaron J. Grier <>
From: Andy Doran <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/03/1999 00:49:34
> I think the stripes and especially the bright "sun" in the S are a bit
> much, and distract the eyes from the the actual word.  I think a simple
> gradient would be more appropriate.  The color scheme is good, though.
The starburst effect is intended to draw attention to the BSD bit. The
other route to go down is employ Chuck in your logo, and everybody seems
to do that...

> I think the trick is in the placing of "NetBSD" and "/pmax" in such a
> way that proper aspect ratio of the graphic is preserved for the linking
> logos, but still remains readable.  The 80x29 one borders on
> unreadability...  (maybe turning down the level of antialiasing on the
> small logos would make things better?)
This is true. A great deal of skill is needed to get a very small logo
that is both eye-catching and understandable. Perhaps a different one from
the main version (which does not yet exist, these logos are only my ideas)
would be more suitable.

Thanks for the feedback.