Subject: Re: PMAG-F PXG-Turbo
To: Jan-Hinrich Fessel <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/02/1999 10:59:32
Jonathan Stone wrote:

> >Well, I'll compile a kernel with 5000/200 support and try it on a WangDAT
> >tape drive that I have here first. Bear with me. 8)
> I think you'll still want SCSI tape bootbocks.
> We used to have source for these in the tree, but they were never
> used, and I think Simon recently garbage-collected them.

>From the comments in various CVS logs, it seemed that tape support was
only a myth at the time.  However, with ramdisk kernels this may not be
the case.  AFAIK, only certain tape drives are supported for booting.
The TZ30/TK70's certainly are.  We have both Exabytes and TZK09's (the
DEC-badged Exabyte 8500), and the TKZ09's had a jumper labeled (I think)
"TZ30-mode" which specifically support booting.  I've got a 5000/240
with a TZ30 set up at work for NetBSD testing, but not turned on.  I'll
have a play after the Easter break.

Anyways, is
the last version of mkboottape.c, and if copy it to sys/arch/pmax/stand
and apply the trailing patch you can "make mktapeboot" to make that
program.  I've never used it, so good luck from there.  For some more
info on tape, look at port-pmax.0121 in the mailing list archives...

Good luck, and let us know how you get on!


*** Makefile.ORIG	Thu Apr  1 18:47:38 1999
--- Makefile	Fri Apr  2 10:48:20 1999
*** 44,49 ****
--- 44,52 ----
  mkboot:	${.CURDIR}/mkboot.c
  	${CC} ${CPPFLAGS} -I${DESTDIR}/usr/include -o mkboot ${.IMPSRC}
+ mkboottape:	${.CURDIR}/mkboottape.c
+ 	${CC} ${CPPFLAGS} -I${DESTDIR}/usr/include -o mkboottape ${.IMPSRC}
  rzboot bootrz: ${PROG}.aout mkboot
  	./mkboot ${PROG}.aout rzboot bootrz