Subject: Hardware list corrections
To: None <>
From: Christopher Collins <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/01/1999 12:13:01

I've recently been able to haul me DecStation 5000/240 from the uni to
my work where I can get a decent amount of time to tweak it :)

This particular box is outfitted with a PMAG-JA 24 bit DirectColour
framebuffer [thats right - its not TrueColour, but DirectColour]
and a PMAF-ZA [or whatever it is] FDDI controller [being the untested

at the moment, I've been running it with a PMAG-BA that Marc was kind
enough to loan me, and I'm about to get serious on hacking up the fb
code for JA support.  If anybody has already got a "Start" on this,
could they please contact me :)  Also, I can't ship this hardware out,
because it still technically belongs to the ANU!  Oh well... I'll have
to do ;)

Chris Collins <>
Systems Director, EcomServ Pty Ltd
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