Subject: Re: net-booting my dec 5000/200
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/01/1999 09:58:05
"Pedro G. Gonnet" wrote:

> On Wed, 31 Mar 1999, Pedro G. Gonnet wrote:
> >ok, i got it to load the kernel, it shows some numbers and then a line that
> >only holds for about half a second before the screen goes blank and leaves me
> >with a blinking cursor. it goes something like:
> >
> >	bla bla bla screen on port 0, switching to serial mode
> >
> >since i do not have an old serial line terminal, i'm a bit up a creek. anybody
> >know what it could be?
> >
> >thanks in advance
> >
> >pedro
> p.s. i looked up the graphics card and cnfg said the following:
> 	>>cnfg 0
> 	0: PMAG-CA	DEC	v5.3a	TCF0	(PX -- D=8)
> 	>>
> is this card supported? if so, as of which release?

That'll be your problem.  I _think_ that -current supports that card as
a text-only console, and Andy Doran has been working on X support for a
range of the unsupported cards - the PMAG-C included.

For now, do you have either a PMAG-B or a PMAGB-B?

Jonathan, Andy, I need some words to update the FAQ!