Subject: Re: PMAG-F PXG-Turbo
To: Matthew Hudson <>
From: Andy Doran <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/01/1999 00:03:40
> I'll assume it isn't supported because similar
> cards are listed in the unsupported list.
That's true.

> It is a monster card that looks like its
> memory is maxed out. It is one with the i860
> processor. Does any information exist for this
> beast?
Yes, I'm working on a driver at the moment. It works fine with the PMAG-C
and PMAG-CA (both very similar) - infact, I'm using it right now as I
write this mail. Unfortunatley, it's not integrated into the NetBSD source
tree yet.

These cards {C,CA,DA,E,F,FA} are all based on a VLSI PixelStamp chip,
however the driver has not been tried on anything other than the standard
PX, let alone a 24-bit card like the PXG+ Turbo. The support is all there,
it's just untested.

If you'd like to 'advance the cause' and get support for your card sooner,
it'd be nice if you could try booting a test kernel for me...