Subject: [Q] Honda Hoot & bike preparation...
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Paul Bickford <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/09/1998 08:48:55
Hello, again.

I'm seriously thinking of attending this year's Honda Hoot in NC (USA), and
I have a couple questions.

First of all, if I go, I'll be riding there from NH. Would any fellow NE
cammers care to team up?

Secondly, seeing as how this will be my second riding season (*newbie
alert*), I have no experience with long-distance touring (this may make you
rethink your answer to the above question!). My bike, a '78 CB750F, has
only done trips of ~250-300 miles at most, and I'd like to be sure that it
can make the distance before I take off. What should I check/fix/replace
before undertaking a 943.9 mile (1595.2 km) trip? Despite my bike's age, it
only has ~15k miles on it, and I've only owned it for ~2k of those.

Here's what I plan to do:
	* change air filter
	* clean oil screen (along with oil and filter, of course)
	* buy saddlebags (suggestions?)

What's already been done:
	* new plugs
	* new tires
	* carb rebuild
	* new fork seals

And, seeing as how I'm such a clueless newbie, what else should I be
thinking about? I, a tabla rasa, await your wisdom...

Many thanks!

Paul Bickford == SOHC/4 #234 == 1978 CB750F ("Xeno")