Subject: Re: disklabel trouble on a pmax(pmin?)
To: James O'Kane <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/01/1998 15:13:52
James O'Kane writes:

>I tried with the newest version of sysinst, no luck.
>I tried using those parameters you suggested, and no luck there.
>Is it possible to remove the disklabel and let sysinst write it fresh? It
>seems that now that I've written a label, sysinst won't write a new one. I
>can change all the partition sizes except c: which is the one I was to
>change to be the correct size.
>I tried disklabel -e but vi gives an error about an unexpected ')'. Is
>there another editor I could try?
>If there is a device file for the RAW disk I could use dd and write
>/dev/zero to the drive, effectively wiping it?

_Dont_ do that. You'll overwrite the bootblocks and the filesystem
superblock -- rather like zeroing out the MBR on a dos disk.

>thanks again for the quick responses,

Assuming you still have the diskimage root filesystem on your disk,
try dd'ing the first 8k of the diskimage onto the target disk.
(The first-stage bootblock, the disklabel, and the 'a' partition
superblock all live in the first 8k of the disk).

Try this:

	disklabel -W	/dev/rrz?c	# enable writes to label area
	gunzip -c diskimage.gz | dd of=/dev/rz?c bs=512 count=16
	#  or possibly
	#    dd if=diskimage of=/dev/rz?c bs=512 count=16
	# if youve uncompressed the diskimage file.

Then reboot.  If it works, it should go in an FAQ.