Subject: Re: disklabel trouble on a pmax(pmin?)
To: Simon Burge <>
From: James O'Kane <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/01/1998 08:55:07
I am installing 1.3, but sysinst doesn't seem to do the right thing since
I've already tried a disklabel. One time it said that I had a 50M disk and
then it said I had a 100M disk. I was able to fake things with one of the
other disk setups in disktab to make it think that I had a 400M drive, and
I installed that was, but I tried to install too much, and I'd like things
to be correct.

I tried changing the sectors to the number you suggested and I get 

ioctl DIOWDINFO: Open partition would move or shrink

I checked mount and nothing on that drive is mounted.
Thanks for the quick response


>I would guess that this is because the size of your 'c' partition
>(485601) is greater than (57 * 5 * 1689 == 481365).  I tend to use
>/usr/games/factor to fake a geometry for most disks - ZBR means that 57
>sectors a track is just an average anyway.  factor says that (3 * 157 *
>1031) is 485601, so I would try a geometry of 3 heads, 157 sectors and
>1031 tracks.
>BTW, you won't have these hassles if you are installing NetBSD 1.3 -
>sysinst does all the work for you (although you may lose a few sectors;
>in your case (485601 (real total) - 481365 (sec * head * tracks)) = 4236
>due to the way sysinst calculates the disk size).