Subject: Re: Serial console FAQ?
To: Matthew Schnierle <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/01/1998 00:03:15
"Matthew Schnierle" <> wrote:

>I had good results with an old 386 running kermit.  On a 5000/1xx, the
>following worked:
>9600, 8N1, and a null modem cable.  Pull the video board.  Plug the cable
>into the leftmost (when viewed from the back) serial port (should be labeled
>3).  Power the system up.

That's what i do...

>You might also try giving it a "setenv console s" at the prom prompt.  I
>seem to recall actually being able to use a serial console without pulling
>the video board after "setenv console s" (although this was a year or so
>back, so it might just be a figment of my grey matter...)

Yes, this should work on all TurboChannel machines, with the exception
of 3MIn systems -- 5000/{120,125,133,150} with unsupported
TurboChannel option cards.  If you have a PMAG-D, PMAG-E, or PMAG-J in
one of these systems, pull it.  If you have only supported cards or
another model of TC machine, the "setenv console s" works fine.

This should be fixed, uh, `in the next release' along with improved
interrupt handling.