Subject: X11 problems on 5000/133
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Peter Wallace <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/30/1998 12:04:43
I just installed 1.3 (binary using the generic kernel) on my 5000/133
(64M, PMAGB-BA, RZ25 disk) and was pleased at how simple it was using
the sysinst utility. I used a Freebsd server and did a net installation,
then made the changes needed so the the xserver can use the compressed
	The problem I have now is that X seems unstable. If I run XDM. I get a
reversed screen and a hang (I can still telnet in, but the keyboard on
the Decstation is not being listened to) If I use startx, X starts up
but the window manager (TWM) crashes with a segv at the least
provocation (usually exiting some client is what causes this) The X
server itself crashes if I try to launch some remote clients (XV for
	I have an earlier version (1.2G) on a 3100 which seems much more stable
(Some remote clients will crash the Xserver but simple clients run fine
and the window manager stays up)
	Does anyone else have this problem with X?  Could this be a hardware
problem? I noticed also that the kernel reports SCC silo overflows if
you move the mouse before X is started, is this normal?
	Any help or suggestions appreciated

Peter Wallace