Subject: Re: Serial console FAQ?
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Matthew Schnierle <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/29/1998 14:14:31
On Thu, 29 Jan 1998, Chris Jones wrote:

> I know this issue has been addressed multiple times before, but I don't
> seem to be able to find quite the right discussion of it in the archives.
> Is there a FAQ on setting up a serial console?
> If not, here's my question:  I've got a 5000/240, and I want it to do that
> serial console thing, since it says it doesn't support the built-in
> console.  I've got it hooked up via serial to kermit on the NetBSD/i386
> machine next to it, 9600, 7N1.  But I don't ever see anything on kermit.
> I've removed the PMAG-E card and unplugged the keyboard/mouse assembly.
> Still no dice.  Do I plug into the serial port labeled "3" or the one
> labeled "2"?

I had good results with an old 386 running kermit.  On a 5000/1xx, the
following worked:

9600, 8N1, and a null modem cable.  Pull the video board.  Plug the cable
into the leftmost (when viewed from the back) serial port (should be labeled
3).  Power the system up.

You might also try giving it a "setenv console s" at the prom prompt.  I
seem to recall actually being able to use a serial console without pulling
the video board after "setenv console s" (although this was a year or so
back, so it might just be a figment of my grey matter...)

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