Subject: Re: Where to get cheap DS parts???
To: H. Jared Agnew <>
From: Alexandre LaMotte <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/27/1998 10:53:21
H. Jared Agnew wrote:
>   Does anyone know of a place that sells old DECstation parts.  I'm looking
> to pick up two cards.  One turbo channel ethernet card, and one card with
> a serial board that can handle a 28.8 modem.  If anyone knows the ID codes
> or serial numbers (or whatever Digital calls them) would you please let me know.
>   I know that DEC made a TC ethernet card, but I may be wrong in thinking
> they made a high speed serial card.
>   Thanks
> ---  Jared


          For thickwire connections ( AUI connector) the part number
 for TURBOchannel NI option is : 54-19874-01 . This part number will
be used if you buy the board from MCS ( service delivery). If you
are gonne to buy It from a resaler the PN is PMAD-AA.
  There is a TURBOchannel option with two sync. ports. The logistic
part number is 70-29654-01 and the vendor part number is DSTY1-AB.
  May be you'll also need the interface cable. The cable PN is :
   The frist board ( NI) is aupported by NETbsd. I have one in my 
system. The second one is supported by ULTRIX but NETbsd I don't know.
   Try a DEC office near you for this options and good luck.

  Alexandre LaMotte - Digital Equipment Corp.