Subject: Howdy all. Question about xdm, and X in general.
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: mjbedy <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/25/1998 17:05:07
  Hello, everybody.

  Over christmas break (I am an undergrad student at Michigan TEch - at
least for out six more months, after which I will be a grad student at
Michigan Tech.) one of my grandfathers eccentric friends decided that I
needed a Decstation. So, I am the proud owner of a 5000/125 with pmagb-ba
(I think) video, and an absolutely enormous color monotor.

  I have two 200 meg drives inside, an extra 200meg drive, and two 100megs
drives sitting in a box. I also have an expantion cabinet with a full
height 300 meg drive. (That is sitting in my closet right now, I don't
have the SCSI cable). Oh, yeah, and a CD-ROM(intternal. It takes a
caddy, though, and I don't have one right now.)  It also has 64meg of
memory. (more then my $$%$%^ Pentium Pro has)

  Now that I have the description out of thee way, now to the situation:

  I have managed to get NetBSD pre_1_3 installed, using my linux machine
as a bootp server (new territory for me. I want to thank whoever put that
documentation online) and got FVWM to compile (twm kept crashing).

  So now I have a semi- stable system (using it now) and I downloaded  (or
SUPped I guess you call it.) NetBSD current. I am currently compiling it
(wow is this thing slow!)

  My two questions are:

1)  Why can't I start Xwindows as anything but root? It says something
like 'unable to open unix socket' and barfs.

2)  Whay won't xdm let me log in when I try to set it up that way? It
starts to log in, then it either pops up the login box again, or
somethimes it crashes the system.

  If you need any more info, let me know, and any answers can assume I am
fairly familar with Unix (athough not all that famimlar with *BSD). I know
nothing about xdm though, so the answer to that could be fairly simple :-)

  Thanks a lot to everybody who has contributed to this software! 

  - Mike