Subject: Re: unhappy decstation 5000/240
To: Aaron J. Grier <>
From: CyberPeasant <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/24/1998 13:04:20
> I finally got a serial console up on my 5000/240 by yanking the video
> card, but now it refuses to get through its self tests... 
> ?TFL: 3/cathe/seg (UEX, cause= 0000201C)
> sometimes the cathe is cache or cafhe.

Smells bad.   /c/ is 0143   /t/ is 0164   /f/ is 0146  no single bit errors.
Bad memory? 

> even after doing a complete 'test' and having it do a /cache/reload and
> /cache/fill, it still comes back dead.
> Have I inherited a dead machine?

Doesn't look too promising. [at this point I would clean it thoroughly,
(vacuum, followed by a good blow... block the fans with a pencil to avoid
'freewheeling').  inspect all parts, reseat any socketed parts, check
the power supply...  Swap SIMMs around? -- Scary note: DEC certifies
their simms and simm sockets for about 6 insert/remove cycles.]
Someone has already suggested a rain dance. I prefer a small sacrifice
to the Egyptian Thoth, patron god of scribes.

BUT ... never throw away a Decstation unless it has been run over by
a steam roller... Somebody covets/needs those parts. Like me...