Subject: newbie netinstall success with 2100
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Aaron J. Grier <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/21/1998 17:29:25
Hi folks... I'm the proud(?) owner of a Decstation 2100 running netbsd. 
[1] :)  I installed it off the network, using a linux machine for
rpc.bootparamd, and an alpha running Digital Unix for NFS and tftp. 

The first major problem I had was not being able to find any machines with
a working rpc.bootparamd -- Digital Unix doesn't ship with one, and sun's
version doesn't listen to broadcasts. [2]

Disklabeling of the rz23 and two rz57s went off without too much of a
hitch, [3] and after I figured out where things went, the system seemed
rather happy.  Now to finish configuration, and get my 5000/240 at home up
and running.  :)

Thank you, NetBSD/pmax folks!  You've rescued a bunch of machines from a
dark fate.  [4]  :)  (Now if I could only get bash to compile...)

[1] well, as proud as one can be of a 12MHz R2000.  :)
[2] and RedHat 5.0 doesn't seem to ship with one, either.  <sigh>
[3] there is of course the strange "partition will shrink" problem
    which is dealt with by writing to rz0a instead of rz0c...
[4] there's about half a dozen or so of these 2100s/3100s rotting away in
    a trailer here at Reed, and I figured they deserve something better
    than ending up stripped for parts.

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