Subject: Re: Problems booting new 1.3 kernel
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: James Alexander Jacocks <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/21/1998 09:30:21
AFAIK, all Suns use the 512byte block size for bootable cd's as well.
Lost of discussion about this on Sparc lists for other OS's.

However, it seems to be the trend for most new cd-rom's to have selectors.
I know that the new toshiba 32x scsi that i just got has one so...

J. Alexander Jacocks	Systems Administrator
			National Institutes of Health

On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, Jonathan Stone wrote:

> 512-byte blocks is nonstandard, and used to be rare.
> (Reading between the lines of an earlier post, maybe Suns have the
> same requirement, in which case it might not be so rare anymore.)