Subject: 1.2G on DS2100...
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Daniel S Kosack <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/18/1998 22:56:02
  Ok, well... you would not believe what happened today.  I have a DS3100
set up as a NFS server for 4 Sun 3/50's and 3/60's.  Well, as I powered it
up this morning (I turn it off at night; I know, you shouldn't do that,
but waste not want not), I am greeted by an all white screen, and solid
red LED lights across the back (they came on with the machine, no blink
once or anything).  I couldn't reset, I couldn't get it to boot (even
blind) or anything.  So, I figure I will play with this later.

  Anyway, I dig up my old DS2100 with 16MB RAM, thinking, well... I'll
just slap my drives in there for now and do what I have to do while I
tinker with the 3100.  I've never used this machine (bought it for $10 for
a rainy day).  All's pretty good at first, an then I start getting fatal
panics involving csh and sh.  Heck, even in the boot once it kept looping
back to the "Press RETURN for sh" line.  Strange.  I'm running the GENERIC
kernel, so I thought it would all be good (this is 1.2G, yeah, older...
but I can't keep upgrading at whim).

  Bottom line, is there so much diff't between the 2100 and 3100 to be
warranting these problems?  Could it be a fluke in 1.2G?  When I
eventually set up the 2100 and my other 3100 (the one with broken mouse
port) as diskless clients, should I go 1.3 to escape some of these little
traps?  Is it more probable that I could have bad RAM?  It passes all diag
tests on system init.

  Oh, and on the first problem... I reseated the framebuffer and it
started working again.  One of those strange things I guess.  I've had the
machine up for 3 months with like 2+ week uptimes (reboot on my accord) 
without much incident, I hope it's not dying on me now, when it needs to
start taking heavy pounding!

Thanks for any help.

Dan Kosack.