Subject: Re: Problems booting new 1.3 kernel
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Bill Harris <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/12/1998 18:05:34
Ted Lemon wrote:

> > I plan to install NetBSD 1.3 with tarballs onto the 500 meg, move the
> > drive over to my mac's scsi chain, then use Adaptec's Toast CD authoring
> > software to build a disk image and then write it to a new CD.  I can also
> > do a SCSI to SCSI copy as mentioned before, but I'm not sure which method
> > will give me a better chance at building a "bootable" NetBSD 1.3 CD?
> Toast almost certainly won't produce anything that is bootable, unless
> you can copy an entire SCSI disk to the CD.   If you can do that,
> that's the way to go.   Otherwise, cdrecord might work.   A direct
> SCSI-to-SCSI copy won't work because you have to tell the drive you're
> going to write a CD before you can start writing it.
>                                _MelloN_

  Actually, the SCSI-to-SCSI selection is one of the recording features
of Toast, and for example that's what to book says to use for making dups
of CD's or copies of hard disks.  The manual also states that what will get
written to the CD will be an exact replica of the disk, boot sectors, and
every data sector, stating the CD will be written as an image of the hard

They mention that, that most pc's and mac's want a more conventional CD
filesystem, iso9660(hybrid, w/rock ridge extensions, etc).  From what you
describe what the dec is looking for, it sounds exactly like what I need it to

do.  If it wants a dec boot block that then reads an 9660 filesystem, I won't
that with this software.

I mentioned the image, because it also will let you read the entire source, cd
hd, and build an image of it, then select the image as the source and then
burn it
to the CD-R.  So far, I've been real pleased with this burner, making data
audio and NFS-mounted images (nfs mounts from my 5k/240) with no problems.

Having not built an image of a non-mac disk/fs is new ground, I'm just trying
go in with as much info as possible.