Subject: Re: Network slowness
To: Toru Nishimura <>
From: Adam Fritzler <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/11/1998 21:27:20
At 09:29 AM 1/12/98 +0900, you wrote:
>In ariticle <>
> wrote
>>> Telnets/rlogins that connect with no login for up 5mins, dead or stalled
>>> http connections, ftp connects with no login, etc.  What's wrong?  This
>>> thing won't make too good of a web server doing that!  I'm using a DS5000/25
>>> (if le0) and the /netbsd kernel from the 1.3BETA miniroot (dled it
>Sounds very odd.  I've been using NetBSD/pmax with my MAXINE since
>1996 Summer and never experienced such a trouble.  Are you definitely
>sure about your network configuration?  How about other machines in
>the same wire? 

Does the X server work reliably on it?  The whole system acts quite odd
whenever X is running.  

I tried moving it's ether connection to the same segment as my machine
(removing my Linux poor-man's bridge), and had the same trouble.  All other
machines on the entire network are all responding reliably, except the
maxine.  I'm never in the same room with the machine when it stops
responding for a while, so it may actually be one of the panics/resets that
are mentioned below.  But, every one of those in my logs I have accounted
for (except for the 'rofs mod' thing).

BTW, I haven't used a BSD machine in a while... How do you know how much
swap space you gave yourself?  Is there a good way to temporarily add more
without adding another drive?  I can't seem to get a perl compile through
even a make depend without bsd reseting with a 'panic: vm_fork: no more
kernel virtual memory' !!! I've got 24mb physical and however much swap
sysinst set for me on a "standard /usr with X" install.  Is there no way to
add temp swap files on a non-dedicated partition?  

So, here's a list of panics I've gotten in the last few days:

panic: vm_fork: no more kernel virtual memory
panic: update: rofs mod

And ever since I got my UPS shutdown software running, I keep getting these:

scc0,0: silo overflow

Some explanation would be nice here! :) (on all messages)

(  Adam Fritzler                            )