Subject: Re: Mips3 ultrix binaries
To: Jonathan Stone <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/30/1997 18:09:26
On Fri, 29 Aug 1997 22:25:13 -0700  Jonathan Stone wrote:

> > Is it a simple enough case to just save 64 bit gp and fp regs?
> I think just saving (and restoring) them is simple enough.
> But the saved values need to be accessible for kernel and user
> debuggers, too.

Looking through the on-line R4000 user manual, I would guess that we'd
also need to set UX in the status register as well.  The only reference
to the UX bit in NetBSD is the definition in mips/include/cpuregs.h.
Maybe Ultrix is not setting this as well - it would explain the illegal
instruction I was getting.

Look at
for info...