Subject: Re: Are these really DS2100/3100 ID proms?
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Benson L Chow <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/24/1997 22:27:35
Excerpts from internet.computing.netbsd.port-pmax: 24-Aug-97 Are these
really DS2100/310.. by "Kevin P. Neal" 
> I have a bag of chips in my hand, the chips are labeled:
> DS77059 941DGAY
> (C)DEC84 LM9024 365A1
> I'm told these are proms of some sort. They are rather small. 

These look like Ethernet Address ID PROMs, each decstation should have
one...  However these usually don't go bad, and they aren't modifyable
(well... you -could- modify them with a prom burner...but they would be

the Boot ROM data are stored in 16 bit ROM chips that are 40 pins a
piece (x2)... (how does one upgrade these?  get new prom chips?  can i
UV erase them and burn a new copy with an external burner?)