Subject: Re: probs with 19-aug sources
To: Terry R. Friedrichsen <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/21/1997 17:52:23
Terry R. Friedrichsen" writes:

>Just to report the problems I've encountered (so far):
>1)  in building the kernel using the DS5000_25 configuration,
>ld is unable to find a definition for "dumpspec" - I added one
>in swapnetbsd.c a la "rootspec"

That means your /usr/sbin/config is out of date.
The fix is to install a newer snapshot or rebuild  config.

>2)  in building userland from sources, I got a failure at
>domestic/lib/libkrb/ with "compile_et not found".
>Perhaps this should be in the snapshot so the userland "make
>build" works after installing the snapshot binaries?

I think this is `normal'. I think if you do a `make depend' first, the
Makefiles will build the program generators that build the C .h header
files the .et files.

>3)  part of the reason I got started building userland is that
>I need to build fsck_ffs so I can figure out why "fsck -p"
>fails.  all it does is give a "usage:" message; this causes
>the rc script to blow up at boot time and leaves me in single-
>user mode.

That sounds very odd.  how old are your fsck and fsck_ffs?  
Does your /etc/fstab still have "ufs" rather than "ffs" entries?