Subject: Re: Another 2100 question...
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Kevin P. Neal <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/11/1997 17:34:13
At 10:30 PM 8/10/97 -0700, Jonathan Stone wrote:
>>BTW, DECstation 2100 (KN01) w/ prom version 7.0: 
>>Can this machine net boot at all? My roommate's machine is 7.0 and doesn't
>>seem to be able to boot off the net. My mine (7.02) boots a kernel < 1Mb
>>off the net just fine via tftp(). 

>>His machine boots the Ultrix image on his disk just fine (up until it gets
>>to the part where it asks for a password, doh!).
>It net-boots Ultrix but not NetBSD?  That's _very_ weird... What's the
>start address of the Ultrix kernel?  0x80030000?
>Or is the Ultrix kernel on disk?

Ultrix is on disk. Well, half of it. The other half is gone. 

>>BTW, is it possible to break into an Ultrix box that requires a password for
>>single user mode? I think I remember a jumper on the motherboard that resets
>>things so you can, but then again our 2100 machines don't even have the
>>removable graphics boards that other people seem to have. 
>I'd try removing the lead from the Ni-Cad battery pack for about 5
>minutes.  The 5000-series machines have integral power on the clock
>chip, AFAIK, and do you have to jumper the NVRAM off (or short it.)
>I don't get what you say about the graphics, either.  AFAIK, 3100s and
>2100s have the same VRAM socket with either mono, colour, or nothing at all.

Ah. I tried removing it and papercliping the mouse loopback. The machine
failed it's self tests. Put the graphics thing back in and the machine passes
it's self tests. When it fails it displays code 00000101, a fail code that
is not covered in my (slim) documentation. 
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