Subject: Re: Another 2100 question...
To: Kevin P. Neal <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/11/1997 15:57:07
On Mon, 11 Aug 1997 01:18:05 -0400  "Kevin P. Neal" wrote:

> BTW, DECstation 2100 (KN01) w/ prom version 7.0: 
> Can this machine net boot at all? My roommate's machine is 7.0 and doesn't
> seem to be able to boot off the net. My mine (7.02) boots a kernel < 1Mb
> off the net just fine via tftp(). 

According to the info I've got, a 7.0 should be able to boot a < 1Mb
kernel, and a 7.2 should be able to boot anything.  I don't know of a
7.02 PROM.  Another thing you can try is to boot via MOP, since you (I
assume!) have another Ultrix box nearby.  Something like


should do (and make sure mop_mom is running).  Then a "boot -mop()"
should set you on your way.

> He managed to get it to at least do some form of arp, so we know the interface
> works. Also, the Ultrix kernel doesn't barf when it configs the interface.
> Would a bridge (don't ask) keep tftp or bootp from working? It's one network
> with a bridge (again, don't ask) in the middle of it. 

Shouldn't make a difference...

> His machine boots the Ultrix image on his disk just fine (up until it gets
> to the part where it asks for a password, doh!).
> BTW, is it possible to break into an Ultrix box that requires a password for
> single user mode? I think I remember a jumper on the motherboard that resets
> things so you can, but then again our 2100 machines don't even have the
> removable graphics boards that other people seem to have. 

Do you mean a password for the firmware prompt?  AFAIK, Ultrix's init
doesn't have the concept of "secure" single user mode.  One thing I
always use is a CTRL-C during the fsck's - that always drops to back to
single user mode if you're quick enough.

> Thanks guys. 
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