Subject: Re: DECstation 5000 memory?
To: None <>
From: Andy Sparrow <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/30/1997 09:41:34
> What is a VAX 4100?  Do you mean the VAX 4000 Model 100?

I don't know, having not ever willingly used a VAX. :)

The guy with the memory stated that he removed them from a

> This fits in a BA42B enclosure (similar to the DECsystem 5100).
> The memory options I'm aware of for the 100A are:
>         MS44L-BC        16 MB (4x 4MB modules)
>         MS44-DC         64 MB (4x 16MB modules)
> If this is the beast you're thinking of, I think you're out of luck.


Well, the overwhelming body of opinion is "don't touch 'em unless
they have the same part numbers" - which they don't. I was just
hoping that DEC wouldn't produce _that_ many variations of SIMM in a 
proprietary format - which was obviously a little naive of me :-}

Guess my 5000/1xxs are just gonna have to struggle then, as I'm 
certainly not prepared to pay what Kingston want for DEC SIMMs.

Thanks to all who responded.