Subject: Re: help
To: Jonathan R. Langdale <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/27/1997 15:04:35
>For easy installation, what I have done is below.
>  Machine-A: i386 PC(NetBSD/i386) with HDD-A.
>  Machine-B: DEC5000/25(Ultrix) with HDD-B.
>  HDD-C: Target.
>1. Connect HDD-C to Machine-A and boot NetBSD/i386 on HDD-A.
>2. Write disklabel by NetBSD/i386's disklabel.
>3. Mount HDD-C and extract all NetBSD/pmax binary.
>   <At this point HDD-C is pure NetBSD/i386 disk>
>4. Do "MAKEDEV all" on HDD-C and check /etc.
>5. Connect HDD-C to Machine-B and boot Ultrix on HDD-B.
>6. Write bootblock by NetBSD/pmax's disklabel for Ultrix.
>   <At this point, HDD-C is NetBSD/pmax bootable but unable
>    to mount on NetBSD/i386.>
>7. Boot NetBSD/pmax on HDD-C and enjoy!

Yes, that will work, thank you.   I'll add it to the Web page.

And here's an easier way of doing this with diskimage.gz, if a 32Mbyte
root fileystem is the right size. (24Mbyte might be better for very,
very small disks.)

1. Connect HDD-C  to Machien B and boot Ultrix off HDB-B.
2. uncompress diskimage.gz.

3. On Machine-B, do  dd if=diskimage.gz  of=/dev/rz?c
		(where rz?c is HDD-C.
4. Boot machine-B from  HDD-C.
   Edit the disklabel from diskimage.tar.gz on /dev/rz?c
   to suit your local setup.

5. Unpack the *.tar.gz pmax sets onto HDD-C.
    (the tar sets could be NFS-mounted or you could copy them onto
     HDD-A ahead of time, and then mount it read-only.)

This way is a couple of steps shorter, doesn't require an i386, and
doesn't require moving any disk drives.

I really shouuld rebuild diskimage.tar.gz with a statically-linked
tar, gzip/gunzip, uncompres, vi, and ftp.  That would make it easier
to set things up. Next is  to add all the install/upgrade  scripts...