Subject: Re: decstation 5000/33
To: Jonathan R. Langdale <>
From: None <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/27/1997 14:00:43
"langdale" == "Jonathan R Langdale" <>

langdale> I see R> and I do boot 3/rz3c/netbsd and I get R> again

langdale> boot works but keeps booting 3/rz2/vmunix! how do I fix
langdale> this?!?!

"tlyu" == Tom Yu <>

tlyu> Usually this means someone has set a PROM password... it won't let you
tlyu> do much other than "boot" and "passwd", I think.  You'll have to
tlyu> either find the password or use the PROM clearing jumper. :-)

True.  If you could find the old password (case-sensitive, 6-32 chars)
then you could use "passwd" to get back to the ">" prompt and then use
passwd -c to clear the password, but that's a lot of passwords to guess...

The jumper to reset the config memory is in a different place on each
DECstation type.  I _think_ it's J53 (on the corner of the board near
the power connection) on the Maxine but I haven't had to use it on a
Maxine before.

Speaking of 5000/xx and 5000/1xx machines - would anyone be interested
in a 33MHz CPU module for either of these?
David Burren