Subject: Re: need PROM help
To: Thomas Graichen <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/20/1997 06:13:42
On Mon, 19 May 1997 21:37:57 +0200 (CEST)  Thomas Graichen wrote:

> i need some advice from someone with more PROM experience than me or
> docs about the 5000/200 PROM commands and working principle :-)
> while trying to find out if my cfb in the 5000/200 is working or
> broken (without having any monitor connected to it) i also tried to
> set the console via setenv to g (which i thought to be _g_raphics)
> ... and since then i never again saw the ">>" prompt on my serial
> console ... :-( (which sems to be clear if i set console to g - bad
> idea of me ...)
> ok - now how to recover from that situation ? - i have kbd & mouse
> connected and was thinking that simply typing "setenv console s" will
> give the >> back to my serial console - but it looks like beside the
> fact that i don't have any monitor being able to sync on green to
> connect to the pmax right now also the keyboard seems to be broken - i
> did'nt get the >> prompt to the serial console ... :-(
> can anyone here please help me out of this situation ? - is there any
> fallback to serial console trick - of will it fall back to serial if i
> remove the cfb card from the tc slot ?

A bit drastic, but you can always reset the NVRAM with the console
settings.  Inside the box there's a jumper somewhere near the CPU
labeled something obvious like "NV RESET" or some such (I'm at home now
- I can check this later if you can't find it).  Chuck one of those
little black jumper blocks across it and turn the machine on and let if
finish it's self tests (or wait about 10 minutes in your non outputless
case :-), then turn the machine off and remove the jumper.  Then you
should be able to "setenv console s" or whatever.  This is also a very
useful trick for those 5000 series machine that you aquire with the PROM
set in restricted mode (half smiley here).

Btw, I think you wanted "setenv console 0" the first time around.

You're second problem I can't help with from the top of my head.