Subject: need PROM help
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Thomas Graichen <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/19/1997 21:37:57
i need some advice from someone with more PROM experience than me or
docs about the 5000/200 PROM commands and working principle :-)

while trying to find out if my cfb in the 5000/200 is working or
broken (without having any monitor connected to it) i also tried to
set the console via setenv to g (which i thought to be _g_raphics)
... and since then i never again saw the ">>" prompt on my serial
console ... :-( (which sems to be clear if i set console to g - bad
idea of me ...)

ok - now how to recover from that situation ? - i have kbd & mouse
connected and was thinking that simply typing "setenv console s" will
give the >> back to my serial console - but it looks like beside the
fact that i don't have any monitor being able to sync on green to
connect to the pmax right now also the keyboard seems to be broken - i
did'nt get the >> prompt to the serial console ... :-(

can anyone here please help me out of this situation ? - is there any
fallback to serial console trick - of will it fall back to serial if i
remove the cfb card from the tc slot ?

a lot of thanks in advance


p.s.: btw. here is my problem with the cfb card - does anyone here
      know what this means ...

i'm trying to find out if my cfb in the 5000/200 is ok or broken -
the problem - until now i don't have a monitor to which can do sync
on green :-(

everytime i turn on the 5000/200 (using derial console) i get:

  ?TFL: 0/ptrn (3, exp=90, act=98) PMAG-BA

i have so far no docs found about the meaning of that warning - do you
have any idea ? - is the cfb broken - or can this result from the
not connected monitor ? - the problem is - if i try to start Xcfbpmax
then i get:

  CPU memory write timeout error at 0x1f000000

and it panics ... do you have any idea where this might come from - do
i have to change anything else then inserting the cfb into the tc slot
(any jumpers or so i have overseen) ?

... oh and Xmfbpmax doesn't panic btw. - but the card is definitely a

  >>cnfg 0
   0: PMAG-BA  DEC      V5.3a    TCF0  (CX -- d=8)
  cfb0 at tc0 slot 0 offset 0x0 (1024x864x8)

  thomas graichen -

  perfection is reached, not when there is no longer anything to add, but when
      there is no longer anything to take away    antoine de saint-exupery